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SowBlow Leg Pillow

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Are you sick & tired of spending so much time at home for treating your lower leg or foot swelling?

With THE LEG ELEVATION PILLOW, you can continue with your daily activities without any hindrance. Not only it promotes better circulation for healthier legs, soothes aching legs after a long day of standing or walking and eases lower back and hip pain.


• Your mornings will become brighter and more energetic.
• The circulation in your lower legs will be enhanced because of the position you will sleep in.
• You can prevent swelling, varicose veins, pain, and many other symptoms that might otherwise wake you up.
• Moreover, you will feel rejuvenated and well rested every morning.


• Maintains the correct position of the legs and ensures proper circulation, relieving pressure off swollen veins in the lower leg, feet and ankles.

• Helps reduce or alleviate swelling, pain and removes edema.

• The pillow is made with breathable mesh cover that allows for air circulation and prevents heat build-up.

• Lightweight leg pillow is easy to store when not in use and travel with while on the go.

• Hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial design.

• The Pillow is inflatable which makes it easy to carry when you travel.


1x SowBlow Leg Elevation Pillow (Air Pump Included)

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